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ADMINISTRATION 11-M-194 Vehicle Use Out of State
    2009 APD Uniform Order Form
  29-123A Vendor Complaint Form
  APD 217 Equipment Return Form
  APD 224 Taking City Vehicle Out of City
  APD 261 Scholarship Application Package 2007-2008
  APD 277 Request for Alt Police Fdn Training Funds
  APD 235 Periodic Review
  APD 337 CVSA Examiner's Log
  APD 338 CVSA Truth Verification Release
  APD 339 CVSA Examiner's Log
  APD 340 CVSA Statistical Monthly Log Form
  APD 341 CVSA Approval Form Covert
  APD 421 Dispatchers Feedback on Officer
  APD 422 Officer Feedback on Dispatch
  APD 502 Daily Revenue Receipt
  APD 504 Office Equipment-Item Return
  APD 505 Body Armor Receipt
  APD 506 Update to Inventory Sheet
  APD 509 Request to Transfer Property-Equipment
  APD 675 APD Letterhead
  APD 676 APD Letterhead Memo
  APD 677 APD Internal Memo
  APD 700 Written Directive
  APD 701 Directive Review Form
  APD 703 Supply Requisition
  APD 704 Request for Reimbursement
  APD 706 Authorized Supply Signatures
  APD 707 Procurement Requisition
  APD 723 Incident and Accident Report Receipt
  APD 724 COPS MORE Complaint Log
  APD 726 Printed Matter Control Sheet
  APD 729 Records Management Control Log
  APD 730 Updating City Code Books
  APD 731 Facility Inspection Worksheet
  APD 732 Vehicle Inspection Checklist
  APD 742 Emergency Equipment Readiness Checklist
  APD 743 Jr. Cadet Time Sheet
  APD 744 Code Enforcement Agent Application
  APD 745 Key Control
  APD 746 Company Card
  APD 747 Consent Form
  APD 762 Request for Atlanta Police Foundation Funds
  APD 764 Fingerprint Form
  APD 766 CPNC New Renewal Application
  APD 767 CPNC Transfer Application
  APD 772 Innovation Capture Form
  APD 838 Line Inspection Checklist (Sworn)
  APD 839 Line Inspection Checklist (Non-Sworn)
  ARM 2 Application for Record Retention Schedule
  ARM 23 Records Destruction
  ARM 3-4 Records Transfer and Receipt
    Performance development plan
    Performance Evaluation
FIELD OPERATIONS APD 001 Incident Report
[Return to top] APD 635 Supervisor's Report of Injury to Citizen
  APD 636 Monthly Report-Red Dog Section
  APD 639 Civilian Observer Application and Waiver
  APD 641 Watch Commander's Roll Call Checklist
  APD 647 Preliminary Investigation Checklist
  APD 654 Application for Street or Lane Closing
  APD 655 Event Permit Application
  APD 669 Taser Use Supplemental Report
  APD 678 Maintenance Checklist
  APD 680 Roll Call Assignment Sheet
  APD 681 SOS Special Events Security Plan
  APD 684 FOD Workload Analysis - FOD
  APD 685 FOD Inv. Workload Worksheet
  APD 686 FOD Workload Analysis - Zone
  APD 691 Mobile License Plate Reading System
  APD 695 Original DVD Recording Log
  APD 696 Watch Guard Maintenance Log
  APD 697 Watch Guard Copy Log
  APD 698 Chain of Custody
  APD 699 Original DVD Recording / Drop - Box Log
  APD 765 False Alarm Response Certification
  APD 771 Situations Needing Corrective Action
  APD 809 Supervisor's Use of Force Incident Supplement Form
  APD 864 FOD Workload Worksheet APD Form 864 5-07
  APD 927 Deceased and Unidentified Fingerprint Report
investigations Fulton County Arrest Warrant
[Return to top] JUV-93-2 Juvenile Court Complaint
  36-G-20 Search Warrant
  36-G-6 Arrest Warrant & Affidavit (Municipal Court)
  APD 001 Incident Report
  APD 002 Supplementary Incident Report
  APD 002N Supplementary Incident Report (Narrative)
  APD 300 Investigative Case Log
  APD 308 Summary of Investigation
  APD 310 Consent for Hair Samples And Body Fluids
  APD 311 Consent to Search Clothing-Vehicle-Premises
  APD 314 Homicide Cover Sheet
  APD 315 Investigative File Update
  APD 317 Homicide Unit Tip Sheet
  APD 318 Neighborhood Canvass
  APD 319 Statement of Victim or Witness
  APD 332 Investigator's Monthly Report (front and back)
  APD 334 Investigator's Assignment Record
  APD 336 Debriefing Form
  APD 342 Confidential Sources Agreement Form
  APD 343 Confidential Source Payment Record
  APD 344 Confidential Source History Sheet
  APD 346 Confidential Payment Voucher
  APD 347 Investigator's Activity Log for Confidential Funds
  APD 348 Confidential Funds Custodian's Activity Log
  APD 349 Confidential Source Funds Disbursement
  APD 354 Investigative Lead Sheet
  APD 355 Technical Service Section Request
  APD 368 Photo Line-Up Admonition
  APD 370 Body Transmitter and Body Recorder Consent
  APD 374 Mattie's Call Information Sheet
  APD 374B Mattie's Call Alert Bulletin
  APD 374C Mattie's Call Cancellation Form
  APD 378 Statement of Confidential Source
  APD 379 SES Dissemination of Information Form
  APD 381 Homicide File Audit Checklist
  APD 385 Evidence Submission Form
  APD 386 APEX Request for Warrant Service Form
  APD 391 Narcotics Investigative Case File Index
  APD 392 Narcotics Request for Warrant Service /Tactical Assistance
  APD 393 Gang Unit - Gang Member Identification
  APD 394 Hostage Negotiations After Action Report
  APD 400 Property Validation Supplement Weapon
  APD 427 GCIC Missing Person Cancel/Clear Form
  APD 517 Property/Evidence Non-Compliance Form
  APD 608 Wanted Notice
  APD 609 Request to Clear/Cancel a Wanted Notice
  APD 652 APEX / K-9 Unit Canine Tracking Log
  APD 656 Latent Print Comparisons
  APD 658 APEX Unit-Narcotics Detection K-9 Search Log
  APD 683 Tactical Plan
  APD 901 Unfounded Report
  APD 903 Clear-up Report
  APD 905 Waiver of Counsel by Defendant in Custody
  APD 908 Exceptional Clearance Report
  APD 910 Change of Status Report
    Threat Assessment Matrix
    Complaint Room Fax Cover Sheet
Operations APD 021 Citation Log
[Return to top] APD 022A Supervisor's Citation Log (Arrest)
  APD 022P Supervisor's Citation Log (Parking)
  APD 022T Supervisor's Citation Log (Traffic)
  APD 023 Voided Citation
  APD 128 Zone/CID Unit Citizen's Crime Tip Form Log
  APD 129 CID Admin Office Citizen's Crime Tip Log
  APD 238 Significant Event Report
  APD 353 Computer Evidence Submission Form
  APD 388 X-Team Report Form
  APD 421 Dispatcher Feedback on Officer
  APD 422 Officer Feedback on Dispatcher
  APD 425 Criminal History Log / GA Crime Information Center Log
  APD 426 ACIC Detective Radio Consoles Log Sheet
  APD 602 Pursuit Report
  APD 607 Daily Activity Report (front)
  APD 607 Daily Activity Report (back)
  APD 636 Monthly Report-Red Dog Section
  APD 646 Juvenile Release Form
  APD 648 Residential Security Inspection
  APD 682 Laser Log Sheet
  APD 686 Maintenance and Inventory Checklist
  APD 689 Monthly Report for D Larceny Reports
  APD 708 Media Inquiry & Response Record
  APD 725 Tip Form Action Taken Record
    Treatment Assessment Matrix
    Complaint room fax cover
OPS APD 249 Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
[Return to top] APD 705 Supervisor's Accident Investigation Summary
  APD 720 Firearm Discharge Report
  APD 809 Supervisor's Use of Force Incident Supplement
  APD 813 Record of Counseling Form
  APD 820 Disciplinary Complaint Folder Index
  APD 821 Supervisor Complaint Investigation Checklist
  APD 822 Preliminary Complaint Form
  APD 823 Complaint File Witness List
  APD 824 Citizen's Statement
  APD 826 Employee Statement
  APD 828 Relief From Duty
  APD 829 Investigation Disposition Form
  APD 831 Letter of Written Reprimand
  APD 835 Order of Extension of Time
  APD 836 Employee Response Session
  APD 837 Appeal Waiver
  APD 841 Complaint Witness Contact Record
  APD 847 Specialized Training Registration
  APD 848 Written Notice of Allegations
  APD 849 Decision to Impose Monetary Fine
  APD 853 Awareness Statement
  APD 855 OPS File Tracking Log
  APD 856 OPS Vehicle Accident Report Form
Personnel Officer on the Block Application 3-04
[Return to top] Personnel Action Request
    2010 APD Uniform Order Form
    404 Hours Basic Law Enforcement Training Course
    GA Peace Officer Change of Status C-11
  29-S-24 Employer's Supplemental Report of Injury
  APD 200 Employee Data Sheet 2011/2012
  APD 210 Borrowed Personnel Report
  APD 202 Compensatory Time Report
  APD 203 Payroll Check Request
  APD 208 Award Nomination
  APD 210 Borrowed Personnel Report
  APD 211 Overtime Use Report
  APD 214 Overnight Vehicle Utilization Form
  APD 216 Atlanta Reserve Police Program Application
  APD 223 Sick Leave Request Form
  APD 224 Taking a City Vehicle Out of the City
  APD 225 Off-Duty Court Appearance Time
  APD 226 Discretionary Appointment Application
  APD 229 Reserve Officer Time and Utilization Report
  APD 231 Retention Incentive Payment Agreement
  APD 232 Physical Fitness Medical Certification
  APD 233 Release from Liability and Indemnity Agreement
  APD 234 Performance Evaluation Transmittal Form
  APD 235 Periodic Review Form
  APD 236 Extension Time for Grievance Procedure
  APD 237 Grievance Withdrawal Form
  APD 238A GCIC Awareness Statement
  APD 249 Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
  APD 250 Roll Call Training Evaluation
  APD 251 Daily Observation Report
  APD 253 Roll Call Training Attendance Sheet
  APD 254 Law Enforcement Fellowship Application
  APD 257 Employee Reimbursement Agreement
  APD 255 Personnel Order Form
  APD 258 Health Screening
  APD 259 Record Review
  APD 260 Weekly Time Sheet
  APD 263 Monthly Vehicle Inventory
  APD 265 Request for Time
  APD 266 Uniform Request 2006
  APD 267 Employee Referral
  APD 268 Applicant Referral Questionnaire
  APD 273 Retired Reserve Officer Annual Evaluation
  APD 274 HOT SPOT (Street Heat) Time Sheet
  APD 275 Attendance Verification
  APD 276 Chaplain's Incident Response
  APD 278 Compensatory Time Accrual
  APD 280 Random Drug Test Notice
  APD 281 Citizens Police Academy Application
  APD 282 Screening for the ARPR
  APD 283 Awareness Statement
  APD 284 Continued Suitability for Employment Consent Form
  APD 289 New Hire Police Officer-Employee Referral Form
  APD 649 Officer Not Available for Court Appearance
  APD 718 Supervisor's Checklist for Injured Employee
  APD 728 Extra Job Activity Sheet
  APD 735 Transfer Request
  APD 810 Outside Training Application
  APD 811 Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  APD 847 Specialized Training Registration Form
  DHR 001 Overall Performance Evaluation
  DHR 002 Performance Development Plan
  DHR 003 Employee Career Plan
  DHR 005 Performance Improvement Plan
  WC-1 Worker's Compensation Form
  TAF 2012 Treatment Authorization Form
    Advance of Business Expense F-1
    Personnel Requisition
Property Control APD 728 Extra Job's Activity Sheet
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Specialized   CALEA Assessor Worksheet
  APD 258 Health Screening
  APD 280 Random Drug Test Notice
  APD 734 Petty Cash Report
  TAD Turnaround Document and Certification Form
Training 404 Hour Basic Law Enforcement Training Course
  APD 847 Specialized Training Registration Form
  Basic Law Enforcement Training Course Roster
  Citizen's Police Academy Application