Policy Manual Alphabetical List

  Accounting for Field Reports                                                        APD.SOP.3063

  Active Shooter                                                                             APD.SOP.3185

  Appointment to Investigator or Senior Police Officer                        APD.SOP.2100

  Arrest Procedures                                                                       APD.SOP.3030

  Atlanta Retired Police Reserve                                                     APD.SOP.2190

  Audit and Compliance Unit                                                           APD.SOP.6130

  Auto Theft Task Force                                                                 APD.SOP.5192

  Awards                                                                                      APD.SOP.2030

  Bias Crime Data Reporting                                                           APD.SOP.3066

  Bicycle Patrol                                                                             APD.SOP.4070

  Bomb Squad                                                                              APD.SOP.3182

  Central Records                                                                          APD.SOP.6020

  Chaplains                                                                                   APD.SOP.6110

  Citation Book Accountability                                                         APD.SOP.3170

  Citizen Advisory Councils                                                            APD.SOP.4030

  Citizen's Crime Tips Form                                                            APD.SOP.6142

  Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association                               APD.SOP.2083

  Civilians in Patrol Vehicles                                                           APD.SOP.3087

  Code Enforcement Agent                                                             APD.SOP.2210

  Collection of Department-Owned Equipment                                  APD.SOP.2131

  Communications                                                                         APD.SOP.6010

  Community Services Section                                                       APD.SOP.6140

  Computer Access Codes                                                             APD.SOP.6055

  Computer Services                                                                      APD.SOP.6050

  Confidential Fund                                                                        APD.SOP.5150

  Confidential Sources                                                                   APD.SOP.5160

  CONFIDENTIAL Undercover Operations                                        APD.SOP.5110

  Coordination with Outside Agencies                                              APD.SOP.1070

  Court Responsibilities                                                                  APD.SOP.3160

  Crime Analysis                                                                           APD.SOP.6120

  Crime Scene Investigation                                                            APD.SOP.3081

  Crime Stoppers and Crime Tips                                                    APD.SOP.6142

  Criminal Investigations                                                                 APD.SOP.5010

  Criminal Justice and Social Services Diversion Programs                APD.SOP.3200

  Cyber Crime Unit                                                                        APD.SOP.5050

  Delivering Reports and Tickets to the Courts                                  APD.SOP.3161

  Department Employee Cooperation with Citizen Review Board        APD.SOP.2300

  Department Employee's Duties with Regard to IT                           APD.SOP.6050

  Disabled Parking Enforcement Monitors                                        APD.SOP.6090

  Disciplinary Process                                                                   APD.SOP.2020

  Donated Horses and Dogs                                                           APD.SOP.6032

  Dress Code/Uniforms                                                                  APD.SOP.2130

  Drug Testing and Destruction                                                       APD.SOP.6160

  Duties of senior police officers                                                      APD.SOP.2110

  Early Warning System                                                                APD.SOP.2022

  Electronic Communication Devices                                               APD.SOP.6011

  Emergency Operations Plan                                                        APD.SOP.3181

  Employee Assistance                                                                 APD.SOP.2160

  Employee Benefits                                                                      APD.SOP.2140

  Employee Transfers                                                                    APD.SOP.2120

  Executive Protection Unit                                                             APD.SOP.5200

  Extra Jobs                                                                                  APD.SOP.2060

  Extrication Teams                                                                       APD.SOP.3183

  Family Violence                                                                          APD.SOP.3083

  Felon in Possession of Firearms                                                  APD.SOP.3032

  Field Interviews                                                                           APD.SOP.3065

  Field Investigation Teams                                                             APD.SOP.4020

  Filling Full-time Civilian Vacancies                                                APD.SOP.2071

  Financial Investigations Unit                                                         APD.SOP.5080

  Fiscal Management Unit                                                              APD.SOP.6060

  Forms Management                                                                    APD.SOP.1031

  Foreign Language Resources                                                       APD.SOP.6143

  Fraud Investigations                                                                    APD.SOP.5220

  Fugitive Operations                                                                     APD.SOP.5060

  Gang Data Reporting                                                                   APD.SOP.3067

  Gang Task Force                                                                        APD.SOP.5070

  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Liaison Unit        APD.SOP.6170

  GCIC and NCIC Information                                                          APD.SOP.3110

  General Conduct                                                                         APD.SOP.2011

  General Procedures                                                                    APD.SOP.3080

  Grants Management                                                                    APD.SOP.6070

  Grievance Procedures                                                                 APD.SOP.2040

  Guidelines for Participating in Investigative Task Forces                  APD.SOP.5190

  Helicopter Unit                                                                            APD.SOP.4041

  Holding Currency and Personal Property                                       APD.SOP.6031

  Homicide Unit                                                                             APD.SOP.5040

  Hostage Negotiators                                                                    APD.SOP.4042

  Identification Section                                                                   APD.SOP.6040

  Injury on Duty                                                                             APD.SOP.2150

  Inspections                                                                                 APD.SOP.1090

  Internal Communication                                                               APD.SOP.1080

  Internet and Electronic Mail                                                          APD.SOP.6053

  Internet and Intranet Website Content                                           APD.SOP.6054

  In-Vehicle Computers                                                                  APD.SOP.3062

  Investigating Police Discharges Towards Animals                          APD.SOP.3041

  Investigation of "D" Larcenies in the Zones                                    APD.SOP.5020

  Juvenile Procedures                                                                    APD.SOP.3190

  License and Permits                                                                   APD.SOP.5130

  Logistical Support Unit                                                                APD.SOP.6033

  Marijuana Handling Procedures                                                    APD.SOP.3091

  Mentally Ill and Disabled Persons                                                 APD.SOP.3084

  Methods of Clearing a Crime                                                        APD.SOP.3061

  Microcomputer Network Management                                           APD.SOP.6052

  Microcomputers                                                                          APD.SOP.6051

  Missing Persons                                                                         APD.SOP.3085

  Mission and Organization of the Department                                  APD.SOP.1010

  Mobile Community Outreach Police Station (MCOPS)                    APD.SOP.6141

  Mounted Patrol                                                                            APD.SOP.4080

  Narcotics Detection Canines                                                        APD.SOP.5141

  Night Commander                                                                       APD.SOP.3140

  Oath of Office, Code of Ethics and Authority                                  APD.SOP.1020

  Open Records Act Requests and Subpoenas for Documentation     APD.SOP.1061

  Outside Agencies to Attend Training                                             APD.SOP.2082

  Parking Enforcement Monitors                                                     APD.SOP.6090

  Patrol Assignments                                                                     APD.SOP.2102

  Pawn Desk                                                                                 APD.SOP.5100

  Performance Evaluations                                                             APD.SOP.2090

  Personnel Files and Orders                                                         APD.SOP.6080

  Planning and Research / Accreditation Unit                                   APD.SOP.6100

  Police Athletic League                                                                 APD.SOP.3192

  Polygraph and CVSA                                                                  APD.SOP.3120

  Project Lifesaver Atlanta                                                              APD.SOP.3086

  Property and Evidence Control                                                     APD.SOP.6030

  Public Affairs                                                                              APD.SOP.1060

  Pursuit Policy                                                                             APD.SOP.3050

  Radio Operation/Usage                                                                APD.SOP.3130

  Records Management and Retention                                            APD.SOP.1050

  Random Drug Screening                                                              APD.SOP.2024

  Recruitment and Hiring Process                                                   APD.SOP.2070

  Red Dog Unit                                                                              APD.SOP.5140

  Repeat Offenders                                                                        APD.SOP.3031

  Reporting Revenue                                                                      APD.SOP.6061

  Reports and Report Writing                                                          APD.SOP.3060

  Request for Legal Opinions                                                          APD.SOP.1100

  Retired Officer Firearms Qualification Program                               APD.SOP.2191

  Roll Call                                                                                     APD.SOP.3070

  School Crossing Guards                                                              APD.SOP.4060

  School Detective Unit                                                                  APD.SOP.5180

  Search and Seizure                                                                     APD.SOP.3020

  Signals and Codes                                                                      APD.SOP.3088

  SOP Update - November 2004                                                     APD.SO.04.009

  Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force (SERFTF)                        APD.SOP.5191

  Special Enforcement Section                                                       APD.SOP.5030

  Specialized and Temporary Assignments                                      APD.SOP.2101

  Special Operations Section                                                          APD.SOP.4040

  Special Victims Unit                                                                    APD.SOP.5210

  Supervisor Notification                                                                 APD.SOP.3089

  Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire                                                     APD.SOP.3210

  The Atlanta Police Club                                                               APD.SOP.6150

  Threat Level Advisories and Responses                                         APD.SOP.3184

  Time Keeping Procedures                                                            APD.SOP.2050

  Tire Deflation Device                                                                    APD.SOP.4011

  Traffic                                                                                         APD.SOP.4010

  Traffic Accident Review Board                                                      APD.SOP.3152

  Training                                                                                      APD.SOP.2080

  Training Reimbursement and Collection Procedures                       APD.SOP.2081

  Transition to New Written Directive                                               APD.SO.04.005

  Truant Children                                                                            APD.SOP.3191

  Undercover Driver's License                                                          APD.SOP.5031

  Unusual Occurrences                                                                  APD.SOP.3180

  Use of Force                                                                               APD.SOP.3010

  Use of Marked Take-Home Vehicles                                             APD.SOP.3151

  Use of Tire Deflation Devices                                                        APD.SOP.4011

  Utilization of Civilian Personnel                                                     APD.SOP.2180

  Vehicle Management                                                                   APD.SOP.3150

  Vehicle Storage for Investigative Purposes                                     APD.SOP.3068

  Vehicles and Vehicle Equipment                                                  APD.SOP.3151

  Victim/Witness Information                                                          APD.SOP.3100

  Weapons                                                                                   APD.SOP.3040

  Work Rules                                                                                APD.SOP.2010

  Work Sites                                                                                 APD.SOP.1011

  Workload Analysis and Personnel Allocation                                 APD.SOP.2181

  Workplace Safety                                                                       APD.SOP.2021

  Written Directive System                                                             APD.SOP.1030

  Zone Discretionary Units                                                             APD.SOP.4020