October 5, 2005 To generate, track, maintain and secure a confidential record of each OPS complaint file by an assigned control number, and gather information contained from the OPS complaint files and other sources for statistical purposes.

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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual












Special Order




Effective Date

November 15, 2005




Human Resources Section


Applicable To: All employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  11/15/2005



1.               PURPOSE


The intent of this directive is to create the Human Resources Section.


2.               POLICY


The Atlanta Police Department will maintain an up-to-date organizational structure.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


3.1              The Chief of Police establishes the organizational structure of the Department. (CALEA 11.2.2)


4.               ACTION


4.1              The Human Resources Section is located within the Support Services Division.


4.1.1           The Human Resources Section consists of the following units:


1.    The Training Unit provides and coordinates training for all employees including basic recruit training, in-service training, roll-call training and outside training.  The unit also keeps and maintains training records for all employees.


2.    The Personnel Services Unit provides support for the Department including: personnel files and orders, sick leave requests, personnel transaction forms, pension and benefit support, new employee orientation, processing payroll and monitoring the employee grievance process.


3.    The Recruitment Unit seeks out and screens applicants for employment as police officers and other authorized positions.


5.               DEFINITIONS




6.               CANCELLATIONS



7.               REFERENCES