October 5, 2005 To generate, track, maintain and secure a confidential record of each OPS complaint file by an assigned control number, and gather information contained from the OPS complaint files and other sources for statistical purposes.

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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual












Special Order




Effective Date

November 1, 2006




Written Directive Update

November 2006


Applicable To: All employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  11/14/2006


  Table of Contents    

 1.        PURPOSE  PAGEREF _Toc150678271 \h 1

2.        POLICY   PAGEREF _Toc150678272 \h 1

3.        RESPONSIBILITIES  PAGEREF _Toc150678273 \h 1

4.        ACTION  PAGEREF _Toc150678274 \h 1

4.1        Updated Directives  PAGEREF _Toc150678275 \h 1

4.1.1      APD.SOP.2140 Employee Benefits  PAGEREF _Toc150678276 \h 1

4.1.2      APD.SOP.2170 Honor Guard  PAGEREF _Toc150678277 \h 2

4.1.3      APD.SOP.3063 Accounting for .... Reports  PAGEREF _Toc150678278 \h 2

4.1.4      APD.SOP.3083 Family Violence  PAGEREF _Toc150678279 \h 2


4.1.5        APD.SOP.3087Civilian Passengers in Police …. PAGEREF _Toc150678280 \h 2

4.1.6        APD.SOP.3184 Threat Level Advisories …. PAGEREF _Toc150678281 \h 3

4.1.7      APD.SOP.3191 Truant Children  PAGEREF _Toc150678282 \h 3

4.1.8      APD.SOP.4070 Bicycle Patrol PAGEREF _Toc150678283 \h 4

4.1.9      APD.SOP.5200 Executive Protection  PAGEREF _Toc150678284 \h 4

4.1.10      APD.SOP.6120 Crime Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc150678285 \h 4

5.        DEFINITIONS  PAGEREF _Toc150678286 \h 4

6.        CANCELLATIONS  PAGEREF _Toc150678287 \h 5

7.        REFERENCES  PAGEREF _Toc150678288 \h 5


1.               PURPOSE


This order summarizes revisions to existing directives. The full text to all current directives can be found on the Horizon intranet site at “http://horizon”. 


2.               POLICY


The Atlanta Police Department will keep its written directives up to date and promptly notify affected employees.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


Bureau, division, and section commanders will implement these changes in their commands, making sure that affected employees are notified.


4.               ACTION


4.1              Updated Directives


4.1.1           APD.SOP.2140 Employee Benefits


1.    Section 4.4.4 (1) was revised to state, the Chief of Police, or his or her designee, will determine which employees receive the recruiting incentive bonus.  The referring employee will receive $200 after the referred person’s first full day of employment.


2.    Section 4.4.4 (2) was revised to state, the referring employee will receive an additional $300 after the referred person completes training and graduates from the Training Academy.


4.1.2           APD.SOP.2170 Honor Guard


1.    The Honor Guard is a newly developed written directive to include a civilian honor guard.


4.1.3           APD.SOP.3063 Accounting for Field Reports


1.    Section 3.6 was revised to state, “The Central Records Unit Commander will monitor the accounting process and advise commanders regarding excessive numbers of missing reports.”


2.    Section 4.2 was revised to state, “The watch or unit commander or a designee will call up Report Overview at the beginning of each watch to account for the reports due from the offices on the previous day’s watch (including those initiated while the officer was on an extra job).  Communications supervisors are responsible for signing and accounting for reports generated via Teleserve.”


3.    Section 4.2.1 through 4.2.9 was revised.  Each of the “screen shots” and accompanying step-by-step directions has been replaced to reflect the new programs (Report Overview) created to monitor the status field reports.  The implementation of the ICIS software has also necessitated changes to these procedures.


4.1.4           APD.SOP.3083 Family Violence


1.    Section 4.1(2) was revised to state: The Communications Section will notify the responding officer if there had been a prior call for service at that same location within the last 24 hours.


2.    Section 4.8 (8) was revised to state: The responding officer will complete an incident report on all incidents of Family Violence and attempt to obtain a written statement from the victim and/or witnesses using the Family Violence victim/witness statement APD Form (319). The completed statement form will be forwarded to the appropriate zone investigations unit and investigator. 


3.    Form APD-319 Victim/Witness statement was revised to include the Spanish translation for the labeled fields.  This is a part of the department’s LEP (Limited English Proficiency) mandated by the Department of Justice.


4.1.5          APD.SOP.3087Civilian Passengers in Police Vehicles


1.    The title was changed from “Civilians in Patrol Vehicles” to “Civilian Passengers in Police Vehicles”.


2.    Section 1 was revised to state: To provide citizens with an understanding of the Department's operations and to make exceptions for civilians to ride in police vehicles.


3.    Section 4.1.1(2) was revised to state, “With the exception of the Law Enforcement Explorers Program and APD Junior Police Cadet Program, minors (under 18 years old), persons who are mentally incompetent, convicted felons, and persons with medical problems that could create hazardous conditions may not ride as observers.  A spouse or immediate family member of a police officer may not ride as an observer with that police officer”.


4.    Section 4.1.1 (3) was added and states, “Applicants must complete the Civilian Observer Application and Waiver form (APD 639) and submit a copy of a photo ID (ex. Drivers license, school ID, passport, etc) to the approving authority five working days before the date of ride along.  The completed form and accompanying documentation will be kept on file for three years.”


5.    Section 4.1.1 (4) was added and states, “The commander will select only experienced officers or supervisors to escort civilian observers.  It is understood that a certain degree of danger is inherent with law enforcement duties but the escort officer or supervisor will show due regard in the performance of those duties.”


6.    Section 4.1.1 (6) was added and states, “If an observer interferes with police operations, the escort officer will notify a supervisor and return the observer to the place of departure.  A written report will be completed and the supervisor will conduct an investigation.  The observer's privileges may be suspended pending a review by the approving authority.  A copy of the escort officer’s report and supervisor findings will be attached to the Civilian Observer’s Application and Waiver form”.


4.1.6           APD.SOP.3184 Threat Level Advisories and Responses


1.    Section 4.6.3 was revised to add the statement “Employees should check readiness of equipment and preposition for immediate access”.


2.    Section 4.7.2 was revised to add SWAT and Mounted Patrol Units as well as the addresses of both.


3.    Section 4.7.6 was revised to add the Georgia Aquarium.


4.    Section 4.8.1 was revised to add the Federal Protective Services.


4.1.7           APD.SOP.3191 Truant Children


1.    Section 4.3. (1) was deleted.  The “Truancy Intake Form” should suffice in place of the FIF. When completed, it details all of the student’s demographic, physical, parental, and school information.  It is also the only form currently used by the Crime Analysts when capturing truancy information for the database.  The form is also primary for APS school officials, and what is sent to FOD monthly.


2.    Section 4.3. (2) was changed because ACIC only reports missing and runaway juvenile information.  The officer must contact Juvenile Intake directly, in order to ascertain wanted status.


3.    Section 4.3. (5) was added and states, “The officer will keep the child’s property (book-bag, backpack, etc.) in the officer’s possession during the  transport.”


4.    Section 4.3 (6) was added and states ,“The officer will confirm, along with the school official (administrator/truancy staff), that no weapons or contraband exist within the child’s property, before releasing them back to the child.”


5.    Section 4.3  (7) was revised to state that the officer will complete a truancy intake report for every student.


6.    Section 4.6 was revised to include school social workers.


4.1.8           APD.SOP.4070 Bicycle Patrol


1.   Section 4.5.4 was added to include a basic monthly maintenance checklist as follows:


a.    Check tire pressure – always maintain within a range of 55 – 65 psi;


b.    Check chain – insure proper lubrication;


c.    Pedal cranks backwards and check for stiff or bent links in the drive chain; bearings;


d.    Check crank bolts for proper tightness;


e.    Spin both wheels to check for trueness;


f.     Check front and rear brake pads for wear;


g.    Insure that both brake and shift cables are in good condition and are capped on the ends;


h.    Check front and rear brake levers and insure that they engage firmly without bottoming out on bars; and


i.     Check all quick releases to insure that they are safely and securely engaged 


2.    Section 4.6 was revised to state, “Bicycle patrol officers will observe state traffic law regarding the safe use of bicycles.  Officers will obey all traffic signals and ride with caution and courtesy. As with driving a police car, the officer can justifiably disobey the law on a police bike; extra caution should be used while operating police vehicles that are not equipped with emergency lights and siren." (O.C.G.A. § 40-6-291)


3.    A basic checklist for police patrol bicycles was added to the back of form APD 607.


4.1.9           APD.SOP.5200 Executive Protection


1.    Section 4.5.1 was revised to state, “ The Executive Protection Unit will provide security coverage for visiting dignitaries and VIPs when directed to do so by the Chief of Police. The EPU commander will designate a single point of contact to oversee and coordinate each security detail”.


4.1.10           APD.SOP.6120 Crime Analysis


1.    Section 3.3.7 was revised to state “The Unit will provide data to, and assist in training he     Zone Crime Analysts (ZCA)”.


2.    Section 3.5.3 (b) “Case clearance support to investigators once an offender has been arrested” was deleted. 


5.               DEFINITIONS




6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES