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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual










Special Order



Effective Date

May 17, 2007



Beat Integrity

Applicable To: FOD, zone, and Communications commanders and selected employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  5/24/07



1.               PURPOSE


The intent of this directive is to test a method to promote beat integrity.


2.               POLICY


The Atlanta Police Department will promote both (1) prompt responses to citizens’ calls for service and (2), in the interest of community policing, beat integrity.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


3.1              The FOD and zone commanders will implement this directive in the field.


3.2              The Communications Section commander will balance incentives for speed of dispatch for nonemergency calls with beat integrity.


4.               ACTION


4.1              The FOD and zone commanders will:


1.    Choose officers to participate in this process.


2.    Remove any officers from the process who violate the provisions in Section 4.3.


4.2              The Communications Section commander will:


1.    With respect to dispatchers, balance incentives for speed of dispatch for nonemergency calls with beat integrity.


2.    Provide access to the “pending” screen to selected police officers for a trial period.


3.    Provide a monthly report to the FOD and zone commanders and the Planning and Research/Accreditation Unit showing beat integrity by zone, watch, and beat.


4.3              During this process, these guidelines will be followed:


1.    Dispatchers retain the authority to dispatch calls to officers


2.    Officers may advise the dispatcher if they are available and closer than the dispatched unit to a call.


3.    With this information, the dispatcher may reassign the call or advise the units to continue as originally dispatched.


4.    Officers may not contact the dispatcher a second time to suggest reassignment of the same call.


5.    Officers will not argue with the dispatcher.


6.    Officers will not dispatch themselves to calls.  They will not select which calls they will handle.


7.    Zone supervisors and dispatchers will monitor officers on calls to ensure that they are handled without undue delay and that the officers pull back in service appropriately.


8.    Dispatchers will attempt to maintain beat integrity by dispatching calls below priority 3 to the beat officer, including holding the call as long as permitted by APD.SOP.6010.


4.4              If an officer persists in arguing or taking calls not dispatched to him or herself, the dispatcher may request authorization from the Communications supervisor to log the officer off and log him or her back on without access to the pending screen.  The field supervisor may also request this action.  The Communications supervisor will report this action to the Communications and FOD commanders.


5.               DEFINITIONS


5.1              Beat integrity:  The degree to which the officer assigned to a beat answers the calls for service on that beat, to provide continuity of service and a more complete understanding of its dynamics.


6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES


                  APD.SOP.6010, “Communications”