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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual










Special Order



Effective Date

July 11, 2007



Operation of In-Vehicle Computers and Components

Applicable To: All Sworn Employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  7/18/07



1.               PURPOSE


The intent of this directive is to establish proper procedures for the operation of the in-vehicle computer and its components.


2.               POLICY


All employees will operate in-vehicle computers in the manner in which they have been trained.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


3.1              All employees will operate in-vehicle computers and all components, including air cards, batteries and other accessories, in the appropriate manner.


3.2              Supervisors will enforce the provisions of this directive at all times.


3.3              Section commanders will post a copy of this directive.


4.               ACTION


4.1              Officers will not remove the air card for any reason.  If a problem with the air card occurs, the officer will contact the DIT Help Desk at (404) 330-6474 for assistance.


4.2              Should the air card become dislodged for any reason, the officer will make sure the air card is aligned properly with the slot in the in-vehicle computer before inserting it, in order to prevent any damage to either piece of equipment.  Do not use force to reinsert the air card.  With gentle pressure, insert the air card into the receiving slot.  If the air card does not slide smoothly, or fails to lock into place, stop immediately and take the in-vehicle computer to EMU for air card reinstallation.


4.3              Officers will not use the air card as an armrest.


4.4              When exiting the vehicle, officers will take care not to use the air card as leverage to help them exit the vehicle, as this can damage the air card as well as the in-vehicle computer.


4.5              Officers will not remove the in-vehicle computer battery for any reason.


5.               DEFINITIONS


                  Air card:  a device which allows wireless access to the City of Atlanta network when inserted into a slot in an in-vehicle computer.


6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES


                  APD.SOP.3062 “In-Vehicle Computers”