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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual










Special Order



Effective Date

June 1, 2008



Written Directive Update

June 2008

Applicable To: All employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  5/29/08


  Table of Contents    

1.          PURPOSE  PAGEREF _Toc199827225 \h 1

2.          POLICY   PAGEREF _Toc199827226 \h 1

3.          RESPONSIBILITIES  PAGEREF _Toc199827227 \h 1

4.          ACTION  PAGEREF _Toc199827228 \h 1

4.1           New Directive  PAGEREF _Toc199827229 \h 1

4.1.1        APD.SOP.6143 Foreign Language Resources  PAGEREF _Toc199827230 \h 1

4.2           Updated Directives  PAGEREF _Toc199827231 \h 2


4.2.1        APD.SOP.2040 Grievance Procedure  PAGEREF _Toc199827232 \h 2

4.2.2        APD.SOP.3210 Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire  PAGEREF _Toc199827233 \h 2

4.2.3        APD.SOP.5150 Confidential Fund  PAGEREF _Toc199827234 \h 2

4.2.4        APD.SOP.5160 Confidential Sources  PAGEREF _Toc199827235 \h 2

5.          DEFINITIONS  PAGEREF _Toc199827236 \h 2

6.          CANCELLATIONS  PAGEREF _Toc199827237 \h 2

7.          REFERENCES  PAGEREF _Toc199827238 \h 2


1.               PURPOSE      


This order summarizes new and revised directives and cancels 2004 Special Orders.  The full text to all current directives can be found on the Horizon intranet site at “http://horizon”. 


2.               POLICY


The Atlanta Police Department will keep its written directives up to date and promptly notify affected employees.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


Bureau, division, and section commanders will implement these changes in their commands, making sure that affected employees are notified.


4.               ACTION


4.1              New Directive


4.1.1           APD.SOP.6143 Foreign Language Resources


This directive was written to identify resources and procedures for assisting people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) in their interaction with the Atlanta Police Department.


4.2              Updated Directives


4.2.1           APD.SOP.2040 Grievance Procedure


The following revisions were made to this directive.


1.    Section 4.5.4 requires a supervisor to contact the Personnel Services Unit to obtain a control number. 


2.    Section 4.14.1 contains a requirement that the Personnel Service Unit maintain a log of control numbers that are distributed.


4.2.2           APD.SOP.3210 Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire


The following revisions were made to this directive.


1.    Sections 4.1.4 and 4.2.2(5) were revised to include retention schedule for certain forms.


2.    Section 4.1.10, paragraphs, 6, 7, 8, and 9 specify additional enforcement duties in the Taxi Assembly Area and in the Ground Transportation Center.


4.2.3           APD.SOP.5150 Confidential Fund


The following revision was made to this directive.


1.    Section 4.1.3 (3) and clarified that the confidential fund may be used to purchase food and beverages for a confidential source, but only during police operations.


4.2.4           APD.SOP.5160 Confidential Sources


The following revisions were made to this directive.


1.    Section 4.4.6 was revised to read, “Each approved CS will initial each line item and then sign a Confidential Sources Agreement (Form APD 342), which will be included in their master file.”


2.    Section 4.7.2 was revised to read, “The controlling officer and a supervisor will pay the CS or will be present and witness the payment of the CS.”


3.    Section 4.8.1 specifies June and December as the months for semi-annual debriefings of sources.


4.    Section 4.10.3 allows the SES to reactivate former CS under certain conditions.


5.               DEFINITIONS




6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES