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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual










Special Order



Effective Date

February 2, 2009



Written Directive Update

February 2009

Applicable To: All employees

Approval Authority:  Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:  Signed by RJP

Date Signed:  2/19/07


  Table of Contents    

1.          PURPOSE  PAGEREF _Toc221359287 \h 1

2.          POLICY   PAGEREF _Toc221359288 \h 1

3.          RESPONSIBILITIES  PAGEREF _Toc221359289 \h 1

4.          ACTION  PAGEREF _Toc221359290 \h 1

4.1           Updated Directives  PAGEREF _Toc221359291 \h 1

4.1.1        APD.SOP.2130 Dress Code  PAGEREF _Toc221359292 \h 1

4.1.2        APD.SOP.5030 Special Enforcement Section  PAGEREF _Toc221359293 \h 2


4.1.3        APD.SOP.5031 Undercover Driver’s License  PAGEREF _Toc221359294 \h 2

4.1.4        APD.SOP.5060 Fugitive Operations  PAGEREF _Toc221359295 \h 2

4.1.5        APD.SOP.5080 Financial Investigations Squad  PAGEREF _Toc221359296 \h 3

5.          DEFINITIONS  PAGEREF _Toc221359297 \h 3

6.          CANCELLATIONS  PAGEREF _Toc221359298 \h 3

7.          REFERENCES  PAGEREF _Toc221359299 \h 3




1.               PURPOSE


This directive summarizes revised directives.  The full text of all current directives can be found on the Horizon intranet site at “http://Horizon.”


2.               POLICY


The Atlanta Police Department will keep its written directive up to date and promptly notify affected employees.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


3.1              Bureau, division, and section commanders will implement these directives in their commands, making sure that affected employees are notified.


4.               ACTION


4.1             Updated Directives


4.1.1           APD.SOP.2130 Dress Code


1.    Section 4.3.2, paragraph 4 includes clarification of the Funeral Dress uniform for officers and supervisors.


2.    Section 4.3.5, paragraph 6 state the allowance for a knit cap to be worn in cold weather situations.


3.    Section 4.3.11, clarification of the specialized assignment rockers worn by the Honor Guard, the Bomb Squad and the Auto Theft Task Force.


4.    The traffic vest requirement was amended to address ANSI/ISEA 207-2006, per Title 23, Code of Federal Rules, Section 634.


5.    The raid uniform was clarified, and is now a blue jumpsuit.


6.    In Sections 4.3.22, 4.3.29, 4.3.30 the Auto Theft Task Force, Zone discretionary units and the bomb squad uniforms were clarified to reflect current practice.


7.    Section 4.3.38, paragraph 2 addresses sworn employees assigned to technical, administrative or support positions.


8.   The school crossing guard requirements were removed.


4.1.2           APD.SOP.5030 Special Enforcement Section


1.    Section 3.1.2 had language removed that previously placed control of the Canine Unit under the Narcotics Unit.


2.    Section 3 was revised to reflect the reorganization of SES.


3.    Section 4.12.1 was revised to better reflect the intelligence and information services used by the Homeland Security Unit.


4.    Section 4.5.1 addressed decoy operations.  This section was removed from the previous version of the SOP as it is duplicated by APD.SOP.5110 “Undercover Operations”, Section 4.5. 


5.    Section 4.6 was formerly Section 4.5.3.  The sections that follow were re-numbered accordingly.


6.    Section 4.5.1 (3) has been added to reference the SES Tactical Plan’s use during the planning stages of a raid.


7.    Throughout the SOP “Intelligence / Organized Crime Squad” and “IOCS” were replaced with “Homeland Security Unit” and “HSU” to better reflect the current organization of SES.


8.    Several changes in terminology were included throughout the directive.


9.    Form APD 379 was created to log the dissemination of information as required by Section 4.13.8.


4.1.3           APD.SOP.5031 Undercover Driver’s License


1.    Section 4.3.4 was reworded to clarify that employees that obtain an undercover driver’s license must provide a photocopy of the license and that the photocopy must be placed in that employee’s personnel file.


4.1.4           APD.SOP.5060 Fugitive Operations


1.    Section 4.3 included additions regarding the use of Department vehicles outside of the City.


2.    The Fugitive Vehicles Log Sheet is referenced in the revised SOP.


3.    This revision includes the addition of an arrest ticket to the list of items required in a fugitive package.


4.    Section 4.2 reiterated that the Zones will only attempt to serve warrants for non-violent crimes.


4.1.5           APD.SOP.5080 Financial Investigations Squad


1.    This written directive was re-titled “Financial Investigations Squad” to better reflect the   squad’s organization.


2.    Section 4.4 was added and pertains to the forfeiture of real property. 


3.    Section 4.1.2 addresses the forfeiture of property as allowed by the Mortgage Fraud Act and other theft violations. 


5.               DEFINITIONS




6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES