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Atlanta Police Department

Policy Manual










Special Order



Effective Date

March 16, 2009



Responding to False Alarms

Applicable To:†All employees

Approval Authority:Chief Richard J. Pennington

Signature:Signed by RJP

Date Signed:3/12/09



1.               PURPOSE


This directive establishes uniform procedure for the utilization and delivery of Form APD 765 (False Alarm Response Certification) to the City Solicitor.


2.               POLICY


Atlanta Police Officers will provide complete and accurate documentation about their response to an investigation of false alarm calls.


3.               RESPONSIBILITIES


3.1             Section Commanders will be responsible for monitoring this process and ensuring that this procedure is followed.


3.2             First line supervisors will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that Form APD 765 (False Alarm Response Certification) are completed thoroughly, timely, and accurately before forwarding the forms to the City Solicitor.


3.3             The Communications Section will be responsible for the electronic delivery of false alarm locations to the City Solicitor on a daily basis.


4.               ACTION


4.1             Officers will investigate alarm calls and complete Form APD 765 (False Alarm Response Certification) when their investigation reveals no forced entry was made or attempted and/ or damage was discovered.  Officers will advise the Communications dispatcher that the alarm was false, obtain the CADS number for the call, and place the CADS number on Form APD 765 (False Alarm Response Certification).


4.2             Officers will turn in all forms to their supervisor before the end of the watch.


4.3             The supervisor will review each form for completeness and legibility.


4.4             The supervisor will enter the formsí CADS numbers on the Traffic Citation log and place the False Alarm Response Certifications with the Traffic Citations.


4.5             The Day Watch Commander will ensure that the citation logs are filled in by date and kept for a minimum of 12 months.


4.6              Exclusions


4.6.1           Cancelled Call - This call is not counted as a false alarm (Code 4).


4.6.2           Intersections - These audible alarms give no specific address and are not counted as false alarms.


4.6.3           City owned buildings, schools, and public safety facilities are exempt.


4.7              Communications


The Communications Center will dispatch officers to respond to received alarm calls and will obtain a report via radio transmission from the responding officer advising the disposition of their investigation.


4.8             The Communications Center will generate a record of false alarm calls that are responded to each day. Included in this report will be each specific address that was responded to and the number of false alarms that were responded to for each location. This report will be forwarded daily electronically to the City Solicitor.


5.               DEFINITIONS




6.               CANCELLATIONS




7.               REFERENCES


                  City of Atlanta Code of Ordinance Sections 70-32 and 70-33